About 4command

4command is CSM's flagship Command Center software solution, based on innovative, field-proven Knowledge Management technology that CSM pioneered and refined over the past decade. Click through the sections below to see what 4command can do for you.


4command integrates the activities of complex work groups in real time. It:

  • Provides full situational awareness across the organization
  • Delivers process-specific, electronic checklists and displays
  • Enables role-based electronic tasking and sharing
  • Tracks the status and detailed history of events
  • Enhances the value of other critical business systems.

4command facilitiates decisive and efficient event management for a wide range of critical situations, such as:

  • Customer service or business process interruptions
  • Severe weather
  • Environmental issues
  • Security threats
  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Business continuity threats
  • VIrtually any situation where specific procedures and business rules apply.
Key Benefits

4command pays for itself in the consistency, efficiency and precision that it brings to your organization. It:

  • Tracks progress at a granular level throughout a critical situation
  • Delivers clear guidance, situation status and critical resources to assist in decision support
  • Generates comprehensive post-event logs/history, so that your response is fully and permanently documented
  • Promotes consistent and reliable implementation of core processes, across multiple roles and wide geographic areas
  • Eliminates handwritten documentation and manual posting of action information
  • Facilitates rapid access to all electronic resources that support the response process. Nothing "falls through the cracks" because you lack the time to find the information needed to handle it.
  • 4command primarily manages knowledge, not data. 4command works with your various data systems, not in place of them.
  • 4command is an active system that pushes information to users who need it. In contrast to passive information systems such as databases, document systems and resource managers, 4command can direct a response process based on current conditions.
  • 4command uses your rules. Every installation is custom-configured to accommodate unique company-specific processes, which allows it to deliver proprietary action tasking and other information to specific personnel in real time and in sequence.
  • 4command can be integrated with other automated systems to tie activity to critical data, or to export event parameters to external processes, such as automated notification systems.
  • 4command maintains detailed history and logs. Workgroups that depend on 4command automatically know who did what, and exactly when it happened.

A 4command implementation occurs in phases. The basic but substantial benefits of the whiteboard and task-tracking features can be available to you in as a little as a couple hours, in a hosted environment. If you choose to invest in the more significant knowledge management features in the system, we will work with you to complete the following:

  • CSM experts with decades of experience in emergency response and process implementation will meet with you to understand your response processes in depth, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Based on this information, we will develop a comprehensive knowledge base template to document your processes in detail.
  • After your approval, we use the template to configure electronic knowledge bases in 4command. Or, if you prefer, we can train your personnel to do this
  • Because we store our knowledge bases in open spreadsheet formats, you can choose to maintain them yourself, or we will be happy to host and maintain them for you.
Arrange a Demonstration Today

Please contact us to arrange a personal on-line web demonstration. Because 4command uses unique, next-generation approaches and technology that you have likely not experienced elsewhere, seeing it first-hand assists in understanding our value proposition. Rest assured that our web demonstrations are not "hard sell" exercises, but are for our mutual benefit in learning about each other.


In real-world events, response levels, resource mobilization and a maze of other requirements vary with conditions. You have procedures, protocols and plans for most situations, but how do you identify the right ones? What if conditions change? Documents... Procedures... Deadlines... Phone numbers... Checklists... Which ones do you use now? Where do you find them? How do you capture what you did? How do you impose deadlines?


Your organization has hundreds of talented individuals. But how do they work together to produce consistent results in a complex business landscape? Team members are distributed across a region, a state, or the world. Shift changes, labor practices, mutual assistance and other factors magnify the challenge.


You have a blazing network, a first rate document management system, and the three ring binders disappeared at the turn of the century. So why is the right information still so elusive when you need it? It all comes down to the here and now. The clock is ticking. What matters is the next step. Done correctly. Every time.

Technological Reality

Options can look good on paper. But reality is where you turn when the chips are down. Where do you turn? 4command is our flagship application, which makes knowledge management real -- real enough for major power and water utilities to depend on it. 4command truly delivers the right information, to the right people, at the right time -- in the real world, not as an intellectual exercise.