The Six Sigma Connection

Six Sigma is a busness management strategy that is being widely adopted across many industries as a means of improving quality. The goal of Six Sigma is to improve the quality of processes by minimizing variability and removing the causes of problems. 4command does precisely this. By codifying your business rules in knowledge bases, and delivering situation-specific guidance in real time to precisely those who need it, 4command puts intelligence and muscle behind your commitment to consistency.

4command isn't for everyone. It isn't for organizations that value human whims over quality. It isn't for organizations that value the easy path over customer satisfaction. It isn't for organizations whose goals and values evolve with each shift.

On the other hand, if your organization:

  • is serious about standards
  • values accountability
  • strives to achieve the highest possible quality levels in every process
  • seeks to minimize defects
  • is not afraid to invest in doing things the right way,
for these types of organizations, 4command can be a key enabler of the excellence that you seek.

The question is whether an organization's commitment to quality is real or merely lip service. For those who take quality seriously, 4command is a serious solution that will pay for itself by the results that it helps you achieve. It requires a commitment and an investment, but the rewards are measurable and significant.


In real-world events, response levels, resource mobilization and a maze of other requirements vary with conditions. You have procedures, protocols and plans for most situations, but how do you identify the right ones? What if conditions change? Documents... Procedures... Deadlines... Phone numbers... Checklists... Which ones do you use now? Where do you find them? How do you capture what you did? How do you impose deadlines?


Your organization has hundreds of talented individuals. But how do they work together to produce consistent results in a complex business landscape? Team members are distributed across a region, a state, or the world. Shift changes, labor practices, mutual assistance and other factors magnify the challenge.


You have a blazing network, a first rate document management system, and the three ring binders disappeared at the turn of the century. So why is the right information still so elusive when you need it? It all comes down to the here and now. The clock is ticking. What matters is the next step. Done correctly. Every time.

Technological Reality

Options can look good on paper. But reality is where you turn when the chips are down. Where do you turn? 4command is our flagship application, which makes knowledge management real -- real enough for major power and water utilities to depend on it. 4command truly delivers the right information, to the right people, at the right time -- in the real world, not as an intellectual exercise.